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Fee Fi Fo Fun

by Alyssa LaFaro

“We can tell when new customers walk in because their eyes get wider,” says Danny Givens, owner of Givens Books & Little Dickens in Lynchburg, Virginia. No wonder; there’s a lot to take in.

Danny’s destination shopping location is huge – 16,000 whimsical square feet full of books, toys, gifts, teacher supplies and more, including a café called The Drowsy Poet. The decorating theme is “medieval fairy tale.”
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What We Saw at the Show

by Tina Manzer

Some products displayed in the exhibit screamed “touch me!” So I did and I liked it. Evidently other people – like restless kids – do, too. “Yep, they’re fidgets,” said retailer Gwen Ottenberg from Kansas, referring to their soothing effects. There were lots of fidgets at Marketplace.
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May/June 2007
A few years ago, my wife took a series of group golf lessons. Her instructor was an older gentleman with sort of a Zen persona, who happens to own a couple of local golf courses. On day one, he began by telling the group that they needed to relax, and that even experienced golfers often found it ... [click here to read more]

The 2014 Fabulous Awards

There are toys, and there are toys. For retailers, they’re the ones that fly out the door, create buzz for the store and turn random shoppers into loyal, returning customers. Fabulous toys are not necessarily brand new, but they keep kids and adults coming back to see what other cool things they can buy from your store. That’s what edplay’s Fabulous Awards recognize. This year’s contenders – nearly 70 – were “nominated” by the retailers we telephoned at random last year for edplay’s regular “Retailers Recommend” column. Using descriptions like, “I’ve sold a ton of these,” “It’s on everyone’s must-have list right now,” and “Kids love it,” store owners and employees shared their favorites.
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Shop School
Search for Product

by Kevin Fahy

kevin fahy

Bell Blues

I sometimes feel as though I haven’t learned all that much in the past six decades, but there are a few lessons that have gotten through to me. One of them is that there are differences beyond physiology between males and females.
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